launched in India, will run on phones with less than 2GB RAM

PUBG MOBILE LITE features a smaller map made up of 60 players, as opposed to the 100 players on the full version. The smaller map will not only help offer faster gameplay but also a session that lasts for a shorter time. Furthermore, the PUBG MOBILE LITE installation pack is just 400MB and is optimised for devices having less than 2GB of RAM. In India, more than half of the smartphone users use entry-level devices. That apart, PUBG MOBILE LITE also offers rewards for new players in the form of gear and vehicles.

As part of the optimisation process, PUBG MOBILE LITE features increased bullet speeds and no drop effects. This will in turn help smoothen the gameplay and eliminate lag. The developers have also retained the Weapon Recoil Suppression which offers a specific degree of recoil for different weapons.

In order to compensate for the smaller maps, building density and loot frequency has been increased. Furthermore, the game also features optimised map quality and parachute loading screen. PUBG MOBILE LITE also allows users to heal themselves in all positions except when they are prone. Apparently, this is expected to speed the game pace and improve the chance of survival.